where meaning & mastery meet
Helene is focused on true continuous improvement.
This often results in previously unimaginable breakthroughs.
— Linda Chin, Retired Vice President, Fortune 500 Company
isn't therapy, it is product development with you as the product.
— Fast Company
HDA’s Coaching Is a powerful intervention because inside of the safe space that coach and coachee create, the opportunity for self-reflection, self-discovery and development occurs.  This confidential relationship enables an on-going supportive dialogue in which we can “look in the mirror”, enjoy what we see and take on the opportunity for greater self-expression, clarity of purpose, effectiveness, impact, authenticity and/or presence.

I coach in many areas of leadership and management, with a particular emphasis on how thoughts and beliefs influence behavior, style and results.  In all cases, these coaching programs are designed to yield tangible results in such areas as executive presence, team leadership, cross-functional collaboration, presentation skills, strategic business focus, accountability and influence.   One important distinction in my coaching work is between a skill and a way of being.  A skill is something that we learn to do, while a way of being is a mindset or attitude that we embody (that influences the skills we bring to bear).  In my coaching work, I am more committed to an approach focused on supporting a shift in the way of being because in my experience, that shift will create new opportunities for new skills to be demonstrated, while developing (just) a skill is not as transformative.

Another example of a key distinction is between self knowing and fixing.  When we look at ourselves with the fixing mindset we often find great resistance and limited results.  When we approach development with curiosity and compassion, we have a newfound ability to compassionately hold and heal ourselves.
HDA Core Elements
Well-Being & 
Self Expression
Leadership Skills
All of us can benefit from learning new skills.  An expectation in organizations is that leaders continue to develop and refine their skills as they progress to higher levels in the organization.  As we become competent in one arena, we have the opportunity to explore new areas for growth and development.  And the challenges keep evolving!  

So our role is to notice what is needed, both inside and outside of ourselves, and seek it out.  Management and Leadership skill development is often a component in a coaching program.  

It can be focused on a range of potential topics such as: 
·      Speaking with Impact 
·      Leading/Coaching Individuals & Teams 
·      Strategic Thinking 
·      The skills of Mentoring 
·      Influence 
·      Meeting Management & Facilitation
·      Executive Presence
·      Team Leadership
Emotional intelligence
Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence makes conscious what has been unconscious.  The more we are aware of ourselves, the more we can be aware of others and understand how to best manage ourselves and our interpersonal world.

My approach to coaching includes the further development of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management.
well-being & self expression
A healthy, balanced lifestyle promotes energy and well being to effectively fuel us in our lives.  At times, clients’ benefit from my knowledge and support in developing practices that focus on nutrition, exercise and rejuvenation.

An often-undiscussed area in personal development is the topic of enhancing ones physical appearance to cultivate greater impact and receptivity.  The intent of interventions in this area is to support experimentation and discovery of ways to authentically dress oneself that enhances credibility, trust, and respect.
psychological work
Sometimes a childhood experience or an early trauma sets in motion a core stance to the world that may not be serving us today, and may actually be interfering with the results we want to create. 

Exploring and resolving long held beliefs, feelings, and ways of being that are interfering with embodying the developmental task can be a powerful process that makes more space for new possibilities
Body-based (somatic)
We hold our experience and expression in our body.  Therefore, any shift that we seek thru coaching can be explored and manifested – sometimes more easily thru our bodies than thru our minds. 

Therefore, physically based interventions that enable an embodied experience of the developmental task (or way of being) are a focus in my coaching.
spiritual development
The ability to create a life dedicated to the benefit of everyone is a spiritual path.  In our lifetime, we hopefully take on the challenge of moving from self-centered to other focused to a mindset that places greater and greater attention, compassion and action to all things and people that are beyond us and our own needs. 

Coaching can provide the support to further this life-long journey by engaging in practices that strengthen our bond to the web of life. A part of the “spiritual stream” is recognizing our relationship to the infinite and powerful flows of energy.  One application of recognizing this energy flow is in our ability to manifest what we most want into our lives.  
HDA's Coaching methodology is creative and customized. The first phase of the coaching process is focused on data collection, analysis and program design. Key tasks in this phase include the initial client meeting, interviews from a 360-degree viewpoint, observations of the client in the work environment, administration of the Emotional Intelligence and/or Enneagram assessment, preparation and presentation of HDA’s summary of findings and creation of a custom-designed coaching program.

After agreeing upon the coaching program, the second phase is program implementation. During this phase, we meet face-to-face (semi-monthly for 90-minute sessions) to deepen self-observation and foster the acquisition of new skills. The results of this phase are the adoption of new practices, the development of new competencies and increased ability to observe and correct behavioral choices.

The final phase of the coaching process is integration of learning and continuous improvement. In this phase, the tasks are to internalize the changes and to establish and maintain the structures and relationships that will support ongoing improvement. The outcome of this phase is that the client experiences success and mastery in the objectives of the program and feels prepared to be self-sufficient.

A critical component of the coaching process takes place between coaching sessions. During these periods, self-observation exercises and other techniques are practiced. The coach is available for check-in and phone consultations.
CULTURE AND PROCESSES are primary determinants of the behaviors and outcomes of an organization.  HDA’s consulting work is focused on supporting leadership teams to increase their effectiveness while designing cultures and process that support their business strategies. 

Since workplace norms and practices are greatly influenced by the behavior of the executive team, we assist these teams in aligning their actions with their key values and priorities so that desirable behaviors are optimally modeled for all members of the organization.
Executive Team
Team Launch
360° Leadership Assessments
Meeting Design & Facilitation
Executive Team Alignment
When an executive team makes even a small improvement in the way its members work together, there can be an enormous positive effect on the entire organization. 

The choice to invest in consulting and facilitation at the executive level can be truly rewarding- on a personal, team, organizational and a bottom-line basis.
Team BUilding
Teams are the core agents of business results. All too often, we observe an unfortunate gap between great business strategies and actual results. What are the seemingly illusive features of true team effectiveness?

HDA Consulting works with teams to analyze the key components of successful teamwork and build new practices and behaviors that yield improved results.
Team Launch Workshop
HDA Consulting designs and facilitates Team Launch Workshops to ensure that teams have the skills and capabilities to manage their work efforts. 

Launch sessions are focused on creating team charters, clarifying roles and decision-making structures, and creating effective team norms. The impact of these workshops is a much quicker ramp up to productivity, trust and collaboration.
Culture Change
Drawing on extensive research and experience in the principles of managing change, HDA Consulting knows how to help leaders expedite change and create lasting culture change that supports business success.
360 leadership assessments
The use of instrumentation and feedback demonstrates the commitment of the organization to leadership development and to visible accountability of leadership effectiveness. HDA Consulting administers various 360-degree instruments to leadership teams as well as to defined levels of leaders within an organization. 

We oversee the administration of the assessment and provide one-on-one feedback sessions in which each participant can engage in a development-oriented, confidential and supportive coaching session. In some client systems, we conduct annual or semi-annual assessments along with feedback sessions for all leaders.
Process redesign
With more than a  decade of experience in the assessment of core processes and an innovative methodology for their redesign, many of HDA’s clients have experienced the need to redesign processes so that they may better serve internal and external customers, improve cycle time and minimize costs. 

HDA Consulting uses a participative approach to redesign and a proven change management implementation process that ensures high levels of commitment from employees for the new process.
Meeting design & facilitation
The opportunity to design and facilitate small and large group events is one of the most enjoyable and challenging roles of our HDA consulting staff.  

We work closely with each of our clients to define meeting objectives, and strive to achieve the highest impact and participation levels possible.
Mentoring programs
HDA has designed and implemented highly successful mentoring programs in a variety of settings (e.g. law and finance organizations). 

Through a well-developed methodology, HDA provides assistance in overall program structure, interviewing candidates and matching, conducting training for Mentors and Mentees, monitoring and coaching during the program and implementing a program evaluation. These programs are very successful as measured against a variety of metrics.
We are what we repeatedly do.  excellence, then, is not an act but a habit
— Aristotle
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT is a strategic opportunity to shape the culture, language, expectations, relationships and practices of leaders within an organization. With this training, executives can harness the capabilities and passion of their employees and enhance competencies critical to delivery of the business strategy.

To realize these results, HDA Consulting designs programs grounded in the following industry best practices:
Executive participation as sponsors and teachers
Emphasis on self-awareness
Use of 360-degree instruments
Action learning design and implementation
Targeted individual and team coaching
Accountability mechanisms within the organization
Management systems to support learning process
HDA's primary development programs:
Organization Workshop
Organization Workshop
This workshop is a powerful blend of experiential, reflective and theoretical activities that create the possibility of extraordinary change for individuals, teams and the system as a whole.

Participants understand, in a new way, the issues and dilemmas faced by people at all levels of the organization while identifying strategies for creating powerful, productive partnerships up, down and across organizational lines.
for Impact
Communicating for impact
This workshop, offered in four half-day sessions, offers participants an opportunity to improve (from the inside out) their manner of speaking in front of an audience.

Distinct from Toastmasters and other programs that focus on “techniques,” this program enables participants to develop the skills to relate to their audience rather than perform for them. Participants report tremendous improvements in confidence, impact and personal success.
Do You Have the Depth of
Leadership You Need?
Leadership is the act of winning the hearts, minds, and spirits of others.
Research on leadership concludes that it is character that inspires others to be highly engaged and produce spectacular results.  

Who we are, how we show up, the integrity we bring and how we manage our personalities, are the most crucial differentiators of leadership success.  Leaders who know themselves can respond effectively to any challenge in any situation. They are skilled at using will to overcome their default personality styles to better respond when under duress.
Building Leaders
...is hard work, costly and requires an incredible amount of commitment and perseverance.  If it were easy... then everyone would be doing it —and they're not.

Great leaders may be among the scarcest commodities on Planet Earth.  High-performing companies will simply commit to making it happen and will do whatever it takes.  
There is no easy solution.
Our high-impact, immersive experience
ensures that students graduate with skills
that can be applied immediately.  


the change in capability is
profound and permanent.
Target Audience
First-level managers 
through senior officers in 
companies of all sizes
Key Individual
Project coordinators, 
senior engineers, through 
non-mgmt team leaders
A Transformational Experience

Lead True
is not a “training program”.  It is a transformative learning
experience that produces sustainable and enduring results.

Lead True is hands-on, highly participative and engaging.
Leadership Agilities Developed
Powered by Tilt 365
Practices Good Judgement
Attends to
Effective at
Expands Social
Thoughtful about
Builds Strong
Has a Commanding
Willing to Face
Serves as a Good
Insatiable Curiosity
for Learning
Casts a Compelling
Designs Inventive
Lead True Followup
Faculty Followup
Each class will have access to one additional day of faculty time after graduation.
Deep relationships will form among your students. If you have an internal collaboration platform, we will advice on how to use it to build an ongoing community.

If not, we can help you set one up
Continued access
Lead True Graduates can retake the Tilt 365 assessment to measure progress, and continue to initiate 360 degree assessments from direct reports, peers or supervisors.
What makes you tick
Reflect on how you became
the leader you are

Learn about Leadership Personas

Understand your True Tilt

Identify and learn strategies to
manage your hot buttons
why presence matters
Learn how to use your
“Three Wisdom Centers”:
Head, Heart and Gut

Evaluate and digest your
assessment results

Decide what type of leader
you want to become

Develop a plan to achieve
your development goals
DAY Three
Strategic decision making
Learn how to make intelligent, swift
and effective decisions using
Decision Mojo, a high-intensity
immersive exercise
DAY four
stepping into execution
Create a “Stand” for the Leader
you want to become, and
how to make it happen

Learn how to more consistently
hold a responsible mindset

In small teams, define a “Breakthrough
Idea” that will make a significant
difference in your organization
DAY five
actualizing the vision
Complete Breakthrough 
Idea development

Practice presentation with other
Breakthrough Idea Teams as audience

Present Breakthrough Idea to senior
leadership and learn from feedback

Recap and reflect on entire
True Lead experience

HELENE ROOS has been an executive coach, consultant and leadership development expert for over 20 years. She began her career as an internal leader, and since then her focus has been on designing and delivering leadership programs that ignite self discovery and growth, fuel deeper clarity of meaning and purpose and support the creation of extraordinary results for both her client and their companies.

Helene has successfully implemented large-scale leadership
programs at Apple, VeriSign, CDA and JC Penny. She is excited to bring Lead True to the market place.
JODI GOLD brings over 25 years of experience as a senior human capital consultant assisting leaders to define and realize the results that matter most to them and their organizations.  Her expertise is in executive coaching, enabling change initiatives, and designing and delivering and leadership development programs.

Jodi has facilitated personal development retreats and leadership programs throughout the country and internationally for 3 decades as both a leadership company owner and internally as a senior executive at LPL Financial. Jodi’s past clients include Charles Schwab, Apple Inc., Sapient, Akamai, The California Academy of Science,  Fidelity eCommerce, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, and numerous start-ups in the bay area.
BRENT SNOW is a recognized expert in the design and facilitation of strategic business simulations, highly interactive leadership development experiences and focused decision-making skill building.  In 2002 he founded 10,000 feet LLC, a specialized design/consulting firm.  Brent and his company’s work have been written about in Fortune, Fast Company and CIO Magazines and have been televised internationally by the International Institute for Learning.   

Brent’s design credits include the Interplay Simulation™, Decision Mojo™, Mission Critical™, Hydro™, C3, X-Factor™,  13 East™,  MaXimize™ and the Vortex Simulation™.