where meaning & mastery meet
Through gentle and probing questions, Helene invited me to see my work environment from a completely different perspective than I had ever considered before.  Simultaneously supported and challenged, I was coached towards setting clear, quantifiable and mission-focused goals for myself and for my team. Morale and bottom line have both been improved.
— Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Non-profit Executive
Each choice you
make creates
experiences for
you and others.

— Gary Zukov
ALL OF THE WORK   that we do is based up a simple but powerful framework:
Whether we are coaching, consulting or training, HDA’s mission is to assist our clients in recognizing that the essential secret to a more fulfilling experience is found in the quality of our response to a given condition, rather than in our attempts to control or change the situation. Our response emanates from our mindset (our attitudes, assumptions, values and beliefs) and the actions we choose to take. Our responses create our experiences.

Transformation occurs when we create a new set of life experiences even while the same external conditions prevail. We can have a radically different experience in our lives (for example, from feeling burdened to joyful) by developing a broader array of appropriate responses to what life presents. Discovering new choices where we once saw only one option is truly transformative. This idea in no way conflicts with efforts to bring about real changes in the external environment, when desirable. In fact, the internal shift towards responsibility greatly facilitates far-reaching change.

Sharing this principle with our clients, then charting a pragmatic course to take them from merely grasping this idea to experiencing it in their lives is the essence of HDA's commitment to fulfillment and excellence, both in and out of the workplace.